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Rate of interest: Up to 16% - 32%

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Rate of interest: Up to 16% - 32%

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Rate of interest: Up to 16% - 32%

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Personal Loan

Get prequalified for the best personal loan rate for you. Use our personal loans marketplace to get a loan for debt consolidation,

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Equity Loan

A home equity loan is a one-time installment loan that allows a borrower to use the equity in their home as collateral.

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Project Funding

100% PROJECT FUNDING. Less than 3% of those who are seeking capital for new projects from traditional lenders receive full funding for the projects

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Business Loan

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About Business Loan and How does it work

Get customized loan options based on what you tell us.

Globalf2cbank merged crypto and fiat banking and has launched another project funding and investment program

but on specific domains with agriculture and blockchain technology being the top on the list.

Energy and Power Sectors, Oil & Gas, Acquisition, Health, Real Estate, IT, Technology, Transportation, Mining, Maritime and Manufacturing, hotels and can also provide your businesses with loans.

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